Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Caterpillar----A Beautiful Yet Annoying Creature

This creature is so beautiful!

I am sorry, I have to kill you, even though u are beautiful ……an enemy to my veggies is my enemy. *grin*
Can u see me? i am enjoying my food (petola's leaf)
Beautiful Right?


  1. Hi Olive, salam perkenalan dari saya :)
    The creature is beautiful indeed :)

    1. Hi along, nice to meet u too. Welcome! ya, it is. but too bad it is a pest

  2. Leng sorry err..even though too beautiful to die..heheh..i tak blh tgk caterpillar nie cepat geli..kalau dalam sayur sure bertempik nak rak punya..heheh

  3. Sangat cantik, kalau dah jadi rama-rama tentu lagi cantik. Hmm, terpaksalah dihapuskan. Tengoklah kemusnahan yang dia buat.

  4. OMG..serious cantik..suka color soft blue green mcm ni...tapi well sorry ulat...u deserve to be killed coz u eat too much..hehhehe

  5. looks like art painting....hehehe but for sure as enemy to our vege it must be punished lah...

  6. Ummuaidan sis, Nudabuffy sis, & nadia rashid sis, comments from 3 of u memang make me laugh. Ya, the color combination is really too perfect kan. But seriously it is geli. I have to pick some leaves as a alas before i send it to heaven..hehe..It really have big appetite kan

  7. It is beautiful and colorful. This caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly someday if it is still alive today but it should be terminated.