Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kucai Oh Kucai (Chive)

My mom planted around 10 kucai plants in one pot. All her kucai plants are so fat and they bloom non-stop! 

So beautiful in white

So many little stars!

So stunning!


I am so lucky to be able to collect the seeds!!
Found one little baby of the kucai, the seed dropped and successfully germinated in the nearby pot

50 seeds = RM2

6 kucai bulbs = RM10 

For those who interested to get fresh kucai seeds or kucai bulb, do not miss the chance. Kucai bulb is quite difficult to get. Email me at eesuqi@gmail.com to order =)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Gorgeous Mrs Garfield

I get to know the name of this gorgeous Hippeastrum as “Mrs Garfield” through Mr. Google. Thanks to him. 

'Mrs. Garfield'? ?  The name is really weird! The flower definitely does not look like the Garfield cat at all right?

Hippeastrum 'Mrs. Garfield' has been a favourite of mine, the bloom is so lovely. The soft white 6 petals flower looks like a star, and elegantly reticulated with pink veins.

Hippeastrum 'Mrs. Garfield' is easy to be recognised through it broad leaves centred with a white stripe down the middle of each leaf.

This type of hippeastrum is pretty common in Malaysia. Mr. Google said it has been existence in UK since 18th century. Wow!

I planted the bulb on July 2015 & it bloom 3 months later. So soon and I didn’t expect the bloom.  It really surprised me!