Monday, August 15, 2016

Agar-agar Mooncake with Natural Coloring

So soon, it is going to be mooncake festival again! You can see supermarket all started selling mooncakes. My Mom loves agar-agar moocake! So i make this for her & she loves them!

I only made 4 pieces, because i have only a piece of mould. No artificial color here. So Proud :-)

I used soya milk to make this agar-agar. The 1st green layer was made from pandan leaves, followed by blue pea flowers for the beatiful blue color & the 3rd layer was made from pitaya skin.
Gorgeous right! The brilliant red color was extracted from skin of pitaya/dragon fruit. & The blue color was no doubt from bunga telang.
Tadaaa......The white layer was soley soy milk, and i added some goji berries.
And i made this tilapia look like Koi fish jelly >_< haha...this one with artificial color

Hope you all love them!

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  1. Wow so kreative ya Olive. Manafaat semua dari alam semulajadi. Bagus sangat. Saya suka ikan Koi jelly tu. Cantik & look alive..