Friday, May 8, 2015

Beautiful Papaya Harvest 1-5-15

My luck with papaya finally comes. I had grown a few papaya trees before but all of them die before I can taste the fruit. 

This time the papaya tree really loves me. Four papaya fruits get ripen on the same time! Wow! That’s good. I brought them back to hometown during the long Labour Day break. 

I gave two to my younger sister and another two for in law. All of them are papaya lover. 

Papaya taste sweeter if they have ripened on the tree. But beware, ripe papaya is quite eye catching… & it may end up in someone else’s stomach =p 

I feel so blessed to be able to taste my own grow papaya this time, finally.  Both the peel and the flesh of papaya are beautiful in orange-red color, and of course it is very sweet too!!


I wanted to bring home this huge pineapple too. But too bad, it is not ready for me to pick yet. It needs one or two weeks more to be ready. Again, pineapple taste sweeter if it has ripened on the tree