Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Water jasmine/水梅/bunga melati

The water jasmine (Wrightia religiosa) or flower anting-anting puteri/jeliti/melati is a favorite choice for bonsai in Malaysia. This plant is said to have quite a good commercial value. 

I have two water jasmine plants left down by previous house owner but I have no idea what is the name of this plant. 

The fragrance scent of this plant is truly amazing! It has small cute dangling little white flowers that able to bloom almost all year with minimum care. 

You can easily prune your plant into any shape and size that you wish plants have no special shape...i just simply trim them. Really need to learn how to trim them nicely.

My water jasmine plants have produced seed pods numerous times but I just do not to collect them. But this time I did!! The mature seed pod will explore just like the adenium seed pod!