Monday, July 30, 2012

Mulberry tree & Seeds

Hurray! I had managed to buy myself a mulberry tree from Putrajaya FLORIA 2012. Very good deal. It only cost me RM7 per tree. So regretted i only bought one. But it is okay, i can grow it myself from the cutting next time. Mulberry tree is very easy to be propagated through cutting.

When i can taste the 1st mulberry fruit???

Besides, i also managed to grab some seeds with very good price. i bought corn seeds and petola or luffa seeds. Last but not least,i bought broad bean seeds (kacang parang)! yeah, u hear me right. It is broad bean! i have not seen broad bean seeds before. But i did try those roasted one as a snack.

Ya, i only have 2 broad bean seeds

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I planted tapioca last year using cutting that I brought from my hometown. It is a yellow type tapioca variety. I had seen my mother grow them before. It is so easy to grow. U can just plant the cutting vertically and it is done. My neighbor told me that the tapioca only can be harvested in at least 6 months time. Well, I just planted the tapioca and leave it there….Actually I almost forgot about it. And now come the harvesting part…So excited. A bit like gold miner ..….hehe

Special thanks to Mr. Muscleman for helping me
Harvest of the day
I share these tapiocas with both my left & right neighbors. I used up the smaller size one for dessert and the rest I still dump in the freezer.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 baby cucumbers

Wao!  I found something amusing. This is a cucumber young shoot with 5 baby cucumbers on it! Amazing right? But I cut it off. I admitted that I am a little regretted. The reason I did that because there is already a cucumber growing on the plant at the same time. If I keep all this baby cucumbers, it will not grow well.  I prefer a well grow big cucumber rather than a few cucumbers that mini size + undernourishment.

Twin baby?

Can I call it twin baby? It blooms at the same time and came out from the same location. But I know, only I of it will grow well…… I found out that my cucumber plant does not do well if there is more than one cucumber grow on the treat the same time. Only if I harvested the big one, then the small one will start to grow well. The plant will also start to bloom more female flower when u harvested the cucumber. ya, my guess is correct. I already harvested the left cucumber but the right one still remain in small size.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cucumber harvesting again

Ehem.... I harvested another 2 big cucumbers on last week. They are bigger than the previous batch of cucumbers. I gave one to my friend and another one i stir fried it. Not good. This time my cucumber has a bitter taste ><. Luckily the bitter taste was not so obvious after I removed the peel.Enjoy!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Let's eat cucumber-finally

I have a really good time planting cucumber in my backyard. They are really productive!!! 

I will definitely plant them again.

i’ve managed to harvest 5 cucumbers and have a few more on the way. 

Fresh crisp cucumber right from the garden really tastes so good and satisfying. No bitter taste!! Nothing beats the feeling of eating own grow food from my garden!

As a thumb of rule, u can harvest your cucumber in 8-10 days after flowering to prevent it get to old and spongy. 

Taa--daa..finally the fruit of harvesting.Love it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cucumber - On the way

Right now i have 3 big cucumbers growiwng well in my garden. ^_^ Lets see how they look like now...I guess in another 3-5 days....i will enjoying my own grow cucumber =)

Sorry, blur right? Hero No.1
Hero No.2
Hero No.3 (the fattest ^_^)

Cucumber start to blooming

yea! my cucumber plant start to flowering. 
Can u see two insects near the yellow bloom?

Cucumber plants keep on producing male flowers before the female one. Male flowers greatly out-number female flowers at the ratio of 10: 1. So really have to wait patiently!!! 

Found one...the female flower!!!

Flower start to bloom =) Pls do keep a closer eye on the flowers that bloom and hand pollinate the flower. 

Yes! The baby cucumber stay!! meaning my manually hand pollination did help =)


Friday, July 6, 2012

Update on cucumber plant: It grow so well

       I am so happy to see my cucumber plants grow well =)
       Do you dream of harvesting your own home grown vegetables? I did =P

Start crawling up their trellis

The leaves are so big and it start flowering ^_^

Cucumber baby plant

This is the 1st time i grow my own cucumber. Hopefully it will give me fruit at the end of growing stage.

Baby cucumber plant on the way…