Thursday, May 9, 2013

Fresh Home-Grown Red Long Bean Seeds For Sale

Red long bean plant is very heat resistant, and it grows just like the normal green long bean plant. 

The eye catching red color long bean make it very special and attractive. 

I had been told by many seed sellers that red long bean seeds are very limited and hard to obtain.


Home-Grown Red Long Bean Seeds

  • 10 seeds per pack (RM3)

  • Surcharge of RM1 are applied as postage fee.

  •  Stock (Limited)
The seeds are limited. Interested please leave me your name, email, contact & address at  I will pm you my bank account number. Beans will be sent out once the payment is made.  First come first serve. For other type of seeds, please click HERE.  



  1. Wah u pun tanam red long bean now ya..this type taste better than the green one or same?

  2. Sis, long awaited! i am so excited when i got tis seeds. taste wise macam same lar but the color sgt meminat my attention.

  3. Sesuai utk cantik kn edible garden..mine belum semai lg...