Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home-grown Adenium/Desert Rose Seeds for Sale

Beautiful pink adenium
- 3 seeds  (RM2)
- Flower Color - pink

Adenium is also called as Kemboja Jepun or Kemboja China in Malaysia. It symbolize wealth for the chinese people, therefore it is also called as Prosperity Flower.
Adenium seed pods on the progress. Tali rafia is used to prevent the seeds from blowing away by wind when the seed pods are mature.

Matured seed pod will gradually dry out and burst naturally
The seeds are very light and can be blown away easily by wind
The germination rate for fresh seeds are 100%...good! Babies adenium very cute right :P


  1. Replies
    1. i learned fr Mr. internet mom punya adenium hav a lot of seeds..but she just don scare where the seeds gone

  2. Hi Olive,

    Bagus cara ikat dengan rafia tu. Nak cubalah juga agar benihnya tak berterbangan tanpa kita sedar!

    1. yaya..but must remember to pluck it also when it is matured enough..or else terbang jugak sedikit sebanyak

  3. hi Olive.
    cantik cara Olive jaga bunga ini.

    1. Xie xie Puteri! 1st time! banyak invest baja berbunga! lasttime one all not doing well