Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weird Shape Harvest

It is fun to grow your own foods, because you have the chance to see some giant, mini or even weird shape of your harvest. Don't believe me?

In commercial farm, they will sort their harvest 1st before they are marketed. 

Those extra giant, old, mini or weird shape are rejected at the farm level. Therefore, we seldom see some special shape veggie in the market. 

i have a few weird shape harvests too..let see...
Pear Shape petola segi & bitter gourd
Mini baby bitter gourd

Interesting right? Share with me yours...


  1. Leng lui...all look so sexy maaa... yg petola tuh i think mesti sudah keras kan sebab tuh badan jadi camtuh...bitter guard pun nampak boleh tahan jgk kan anak dara gitu..heheh

    1. ya, yg petola tu almost last batch dah..tat's y terbantut one...oh, anak dara punya shape macam tu ya..hahahaha

  2. Hi Olive,

    Interesting shapes! Ingatkan orang aja yg pear-shaped, petola dan peria pun sama, :)! Mak Aji selalu tengok timun kampung yang bersaiz mini dan crooked shape dia. Walau begitu cukup manis dibuat ulam.

    1. haha..funny kan Ummu Madihah. U know, because of home grown one, tak kisah lah how weird or ugly the shape of our harvest, we still treat them as precious kan..hehe