Monday, June 20, 2016

Olive's Nasi Ulam

Finally, I had made myself nasi ulam last week. Nasi ulam is a mixture of rice with aromatic herbs, roasted coconut, salted fish, dried shrimp & etc. It is quite simple to make. 
Firstly, we need to get ready with the herbs...  I am proudly to say that all of these 20 herbs were harvested from my little garden except the bunga kantan.

I think any herbs will do but the aromatic one will be better. I just put in whatever i can get from the garden. 

You need to clean & finely slice all the herbs. Simply combined the cooked rice with toasted coconut, toasted dried shrimp, salted fish, herbs, chopped onion, toasted peanut, chili padi, sugar, salt, white pepper etc. 
Toasted coconut version of nasi ulam   
Enjoy! Eat it just like that or with fry chicken or fry fish will be great!

Make myself a refreshing herbs drink as well from the leftover herbs. Just simply boil them for 15 min and sweeten with a small rock sugar.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Lovely Adenium

Few months ago, i bought an adenium without knowing the color of the bloom. To me, it is so unique as this is the first time i saw an adenium with hairy leaves & the leaves are so fat.

After some times, the adenium start to bloom! I always thought that the bloom will be white in that the color of this adenium is revealed.. So pretty! The color is so sweet! It is a mixture of white, pink & yellow color.
I changed the adenium into bigger pot & it look much bigger and better now. To my surprise, the color of the blooms actually changed day by days!

 So i end up to have different colors of blooms in one plant! So sweet & worth it!
Day 0: Almost exploded =)
Day 1: Tadaaa... I am in pink+white+yellow.. Too lovely..Cant resist the sweet combination happy
Day 2: The flower petal is growing bigger & is more pink in color..It just melt my heart!!

Day 3: The multilayer petals is more appealing now..The pink color is stronger, it look so elegant & 'suci' to me. It make me think of lotus flower...
Day 4: It is still very beautiful. The petals look thicker & the pink color gradually faded off.
Day 5: Now that adenium bloom has turning into white color. You can only see slight pink color on the petal.
Day 6: Now is time to say goodbye to this adenium bloom. It is offcially a white color adenium now. You can hardly see the pink color.
Magical Moment...amazing God's creation

Have a nice day!