Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Colorful & healthy coleslaw

 Harvest from the mini garden of mine…maybe last month cannot remember the exact date. I have ginseng jawa leaves, papayas, mulberry, white and blue multilayer blue pea flowers. 

Using the mulberry and multilayer blue pea flowers from the garden, let’s make a healthy, nutritious and colorful coleslaw salad! 
The ingredients needed are super simple, we need finely-shreddeds raw cabbage and carrot, mulberries, blue pea flowers & a small pack of mayonnaise!

 Just mix all the ingredients…there you go!

I serve it with roasted chicken, french bread & ya, I know you saw the sambal petai too….So, it is sort of fusion food already. Last month was petai season in Malaysia…how could I miss this delicious delicacy right

Farm to Table