Thursday, August 16, 2012

From pumpkin seeds to pumpkin shoots

i bought a pumpkin from supermarket. As usual, i will compost the skin and throw away the pumpkin seeds into dustbin. Because i have no place to plant it. Pumpkin need quite a lot of space & time to grow.

But today, i kept the seeds. Of course, u can use this seeds to grow pumpkin. The seeds itself can be eaten as kuaci. U can fry them or roasted them in the oven.

i read from the internet that pumpkin shoots can be eaten. i myself had never try it. So, i purposely keep the seeds this time for pumpkin shoots producing.

i sowed the seeds in a polystyrene box. The seeds germinated within two days. Quite fast!

See....The shoots are ready for harvest! U can wait until the 1st tendril have turn out or U can harvest it as earlier as u want...

The harvest...Peoples usually cook pumpkin shoots with coconut milk. But i do not like my vege in coconut milk. So i just simply stir fried the shoots with oyster sauce & garlic. It taste good. Please take the young shoots only. As peoples on the net said matured leaves taste like sand paper.

Pumpkin shoots are hairy, u can removed the hairy layer if u want. i just simply peel off the hairy layer using my hand, by taking a little piece and peeling down toward the other end. A long piece of hairy layer should come off.  Go all around until all the hairy layer is removed.

It was worth a the shoots were tasty, pesticide free and easy to grow.After shoots harvesting, u can keep the plant for shoots producing again or u can remove the whole plant & re-sow the pumpkin seeds...since we have a lot of pumpkin seeds...

Please do keep the seeds next time if u ever buy pumpkin from the market...u can easily transform them into tasty + healthy green!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bayam Hijau (Green Amaranthus)

This was my very 1st experiance on growing my own green amaranthus (bayam hijau). I got the free seeds from En. Iskandar. Thanks a lot! That was my 1st time reading his blog too. From that day onward, i keep track on his blog. Bacause i am very keen to grow my own food in my backyard or even in the container. 

My green amaranthus grow up very fast. Maybe it was the raining season that help a lot beside the chicken manure pellets that i put in.
The green color was look so lovely right? Do u notice that there was a red bayam among the green...

The harvesting time.......The green amaranthus look so beautiful. i harvested the bayam 3 times. For the 1st harvest, i only picked those that already grew up and let the smaller one continue to grow.....

Now, let's see what happen after the bayam was left abandoned for one or two week as i balik kampung.......My bayam had been attacked by small green worm....yiyer...a lot of them! argh! BTW, i purposely kept the red bayam to produce me seeds later on....Ya, i do have the seeds now =)

Monday, August 6, 2012


Harvested Kailan yesterday afternoon. Not much. But at least enough for me & Mr. Muscleman. i put it into noodles. i afraid the kailan will be too fibrous, luckily it was not. Still tender & tasty! I love kailan. The price of kailan is usually higher than other green veges in the market. But i hate the leaf miner.
Can u see the white tunnels made by leaf miners?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

When the Italian food meet Budu sauce

We ate Spaghetti with Basil Pistachio Pesto for today’s lunch. It was served without the cheese. U can easily look for the pesto recipe in the internet. I made the sauce last week and store in chiller. So it was a speedy lunch. 

However, I felt that the taste wasn't intense enough. So what do I do? I end up eating spaghetti pesto with budu sauce. Budu sauce??? Ya, u hear me right! What a weird combination right? 

U just needs to add a few drop of budu. Voila! It tastes so much better! The budu sauce really enriched the taste of the spaghetti.

My professor told me that budu is good for us, and tat’s y I bought a small bottle to try it. I found myself quite like the taste of budu. Maybe because my favorite food is asam laksa with strong fish taste.