Monday, May 13, 2013

Home-Grown Pumpkin Fajar Seeds For Sale

Growing your own pumpkin is definitely worth it.

Besides pumpkin, u can actually harvest the pumpkin flowers and also the young shoot. Both are edible and can make into delicious dishes.

Pumpkin seeds is another good food that shouldn't be throw away. It is actually very high in zinc. No ideal how to consume eat? Ask google...hehe

Home-Grown Pumpkin Fajar Seeds
  • 15 seeds per pack (RM2)
  • Surcharge of RM1 are applied as postage fee.
  •  Stock (available)

Interested please leave me your name, email, contact & address at  I will pm you my bank account number. Seeds will be sent out once the payment is made.  First come first serve. For other type of seeds, please click HERE.



  1. Wah congrats Olive for being in business..keep posting ... so far all those seeds are also in progress in my garden.

  2. Thanks Dr. H. Glad to hear that. What to do, budah baru tengah belajar, baru nak berjinak dgn business kecil, hav to put some efforts..hehe