Monday, February 18, 2013

Lovely Gift From The Love Ones

I have been addicted to gardening for about a year. My private seed bank has been expending. I am so excited to collect seeds especially those exotic one and those seeds that not available for sale in Malaysia. 

Thanks to the internet, I have an opportunity to know more peoples just using the power of “click”.   And from that, I get to know peoples who are so kind and willing to share their seeds & gardening experience with me. 

And then the miracle happen, the seeds are delivered to my door step from the other part of the world! Isn’t it so beautiful?
From Ummuaidan, Fiji Islands (Oct 2012)
From my lovely Poppy Sis, Singapore (Dec 2012)
From Dr Normah Ja, Kubang Kerian ( Feb 2013)
From Mama Pongkey, Kuantan (Feb 2013)
Thanks a lot for the seeds. I am really glad to have them in my collection! Thanks again!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Mulberries

I bought a mulberry plant end of July last year. It started to give me mulberries after four months. 

Mulberry plant is really something u must plant if u like berry fruits. It really bears fruits continuously as long as u prunes them.  

Baby mulberries will come out together with the new brunch. 

The size of mulberries increases along by the age of the tree. The longer time u plant your mulberry tree, the bigger is the mulberries that u will get.

Mulberry taste sour and a little bit sweet. Yes, really a little only. But it is okay. 

U can dip it with honey or sugar powder/glucose powder. Really taste nice! A good source of vitamin C + A!   

Right now I can enjoy 3-5 mulberries once a week although not much. U really can pluck it, wash & go directly into your mouth.I like that.
Cute right? My first mulberry was round in shape.
Some of the precious mulberries.

Mulberry plant - RM5
Mulberry cutting - 8 cuttings RM8

Interested please email to

Friday, February 1, 2013

What is your weight Giant Cucumber?? Answers Revealed

So who are the winners?

Let the pictures do the talking....
I am 1.4 kg old cucumber

I am 0.9 kg green cucumber
We are 1.8 kg green cucumbers!
The lucky winners with the closest answer are 
1.Hitomi Lavender (She said the weight of green cucumber is 1 kg)
2.Puteri Purnama  (She said the weight ofgreen cucumber is 940 g)
3.ReiHasana        (She said the weight of old brown cucumber is 1.5 kg)

Thanks all for joining this little contest! 

Oh ya, those lucky winners please email me your address okay (