Thursday, April 11, 2013

February Harvest 2013

Again, i am late in showing off my February harvest...

Just to share ya..not to showing off PLEASE  :p  haha..

I am sorry if u happen to notice some of the photos are actually repeatation.

i myself are confused by them too.

Catch a lot of photos but lazy to write.

February was a month with Chinese New Year holiday.

So i brought back most of the harvest to my mom.

I am really feel proud with the harvest that i get. Do You?

Take an action to grow your own food too :-)


Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Really have to thank to the next door cat for giving me such a good treat in the early morning!!!

My next door has 6-8 black & yellow cats! When their Indonesia maid is around, everything is okay.

Now that when the maid had went back, everything is so messy & dirty! Houseflies are everywhere as the cats simply poo here and there!

The house owner Just DON CARE! Arh...............!!!

All my precious seedling are gone!

i have put in cauliflower seeds,garland chrysenthemum seeds, both red & yellow cherry tomato seeds, both green & purple brinjal seeds & salad butter head seeds as well!

I hate choice..who wanna help me to clean up...YOU?