Monday, August 4, 2014

Nona In The Pot

Okay. Is time to back to routine work @_@....Raya break passed so fast…So blue… I spent my whole Raya break in hometown. So wonderful =) More break please…

I found out that my mom planted 2 nona trees in a pot (not even a big pot) and one of the nona tree actually started to bloom! 

Oh, I do not know that nona tree can actually bear fruit even though it is planted in the pot. I am so excited!

I have a few nona trees with me now in a small size pot. Previously i am actually looking for a spot to plant it directly to the ground. 

Now I have changed my mind, I wanna plant them in a bigger pot instead. There is high possibility that I might move house next time.


 Right now both the seeds and the nona trees are still in stock. 
Wish to order? please do email me ya

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  1. Kat tempat saya nona jenis ini kami panggil buah sekaya.