Monday, July 14, 2014

Garden update 14-7-14

Recently,  I tak banyak involve in gardening works. Of course, harvestnya pun so so saja. Just cleaned up the messy garden, trim off some purple sweet potato leaves,
I harvested my long waited white albergine/brinjal, they are so beautiful. I am selling the seeds at RM3 for 15 seeds.
 I also picked the multilayer blue pea flowers, can get more than 100 pieces of flowers everyday. The blue color are so lovely. 

I also transferred the babies adenium to a bigger diy pot & planted the babies okra to the ground.
 And finally a show time for caterpillar! haha... i catch a green color caterpillar and put it in a container, but it change to brown color on the next amazing! Is every caterpillar can change color?
Day 1:  when i found this creature---GREEN
Day 2: It suddenly change to brown color! why??? i am really curious

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Colorful Adenium again =)

To all my Muslim friends out there, have a happy fasting month ya...

I am going to have exam on this Thursday, so just a quick update to share with you my adenium blooms =)

My very first own grafted adenium. Please call her "sweetheart"
Hi, my name is "purple romance story"---A very rare dark purple adenium from Taiwan
Sorry, i dunno her name, perhaps "Siam Bua Pink"? Grabbed her back from Floria Exhibition last month!