Saturday, March 2, 2013

January Harvest 2013

OMG! It is March NOW! But I am writing about the harvest for January!!  

I am really a lazy girl! Basically, brinjal is the winner crop, followed by petola and bitter gourd (peria katak). 

I have been giving away both the brinjal & petola. Too many of them!  

I think the aunty next door must be so happy, always have some FOC & pesticide free vege from me. 

The aunty next door has a small body frame. I remember I give her 3 petola & 4 brinjals at one time without the plastic bag.   

Suddenly I feel so proud of myself when I look at her carrying my harvest, because it is a lot. 

She look like just coming back from shopping (okay, the American style bringing the paper bag with all the goods), nearly half of her body was covered by the harvest…haha
Purple elegant 1
Purple elegant2
The peria katak (small type bitter gourd) turn into orange in just one day! i prefer green color one!

* Petola *