Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Colorful & healthy coleslaw

 Harvest from the mini garden of mine…maybe last month cannot remember the exact date. I have ginseng jawa leaves, papayas, mulberry, white and blue multilayer blue pea flowers. 

Using the mulberry and multilayer blue pea flowers from the garden, let’s make a healthy, nutritious and colorful coleslaw salad! 
The ingredients needed are super simple, we need finely-shreddeds raw cabbage and carrot, mulberries, blue pea flowers & a small pack of mayonnaise!

 Just mix all the ingredients…there you go!

I serve it with roasted chicken, french bread & ya, I know you saw the sambal petai too….So, it is sort of fusion food already. Last month was petai season in Malaysia…how could I miss this delicious delicacy right

Farm to Table

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peria Katak?

Peria katak plants are not doing so well this time. They fruit less and their sizes are smaller. Due to the haze problem, I have reduced the frequency to go out to look and check on my plants. 

Sometimes the peria katak is over ripe and become “peria bunting”…haha…Am I using the correct term?

Beside this peria katak, I found another smaller type of peria katak growing in kampung. It is just about half the size of our thumb. Not sure they are bitterer than the peria katak above or not. They are still in my fridge now. Any idea what is the name of this type of bitter gourd?
Interested with the seeds, you may find it here  =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Purple Ice Plant

I really thought i had bought rose jepun yang sangat rare. So i happily share this "rare rose jepun" to rose jepun group in facebook. 

 A lot friend came over to enjoy its beauty by clicking "Like" button in facebook. Suddenly one of the Otai came and enlighten me, thanks to her, Now i know this is really a RARE flower plant. 

This is not rose jepun at all. This is called Ice Plant! Wow, what a beautiful name! 

According to Wiki, Ice plant is known as stone plants or carpet weeds in California coast. It is a drought-resistant plant that work as colorful ground cover!
Something new to me at least =)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Type of Sambung Nyawa (Gynura) Plant

Sambung nyawa (Gynura procumbens) is a famous edible herb that easily can be found in Malaysia. It has good medicinal effect toward reduction of blood sugar & blood pressure. Currently, there are 3 type of sambung nyawa,

1. Green sambung nyawa

2. Purple red sambung nyawa 

3. Sambung Nyawa Batik 

Interested ?
please email me at eesuqi@gmail.com
  1. Green sambung nyawa (RM8)
  2. Red sambung nyawa (RM8)
  3. Batik sambung nyawa (RM10)  

Monday, August 31, 2015

Dark Red Roses @ adenium

 I am truely in love with my dark red roses-look alike adenium flowers. Can't stop myself from falling in love with this elegant beauty!
Hold those blooms together & take a picture! what a nice bouquet (tipu sendiri =p)

 Bought this adenium 2 months ago and today it surprise me with another two different blooms! So i get 3 different blooms in one adenium plant :D yeah!

Enjoy & Happy Merdeka!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Red Balsam

Got this red balsam from my mom. Cantik tak? The red color is very bright and sharp kan. but i have no idea what type of red  it is.

  Interested with the seeds?

please email me at eesuqi@gmail.com
20 seeds - RM2

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Feel so good to be able to trap the big size rat finally. However, many more rats out there. I have seen many times 2-3 rats happily passing by in front of me, and the cats sit nearby just look at the rats and do nothing! These rats are so daring! Nowadays, cats just do not interested with them (why why why). 

This pest is destroying my garden! They dug holes in pots and uproot so many plants (curry leaves, ginger etc). They also dig out and eat the seeds (roselle, cucumber, luffa, pumpkin, bitter gourd seeds etc) that I sowed.  I hate them =(

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Buah Bilak

Have anyone of you heard of Buah Bilak, bael fruit or stone apple (Aegle marmelos)? This exotic fruit has a smooth and super hard woody shell that must be cracked with the help of a hammer or machete. 

It has a pleasant aroma, just like eating the marmalade and smelling of roses and citrus. The yellow pulp of bael fruit is very fibrous and the seeds can be found in the slimy mucilage. 

Bael fruit is used in traditional medicine in India and its medicinal values had been reported here.

My mom accidentally planted this bael fruit tree in her garden. All this while, my mom thought it is a fig tree as the fruit seller told her so, and now the truth has been revealed. It bear a lot of fruits.

By the way, are Gelinggai and Bilak the same fruit or they are different? Please enlighten me.