Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Water jasmine/水梅/bunga melati

The water jasmine (Wrightia religiosa) or flower anting-anting puteri/jeliti/melati is a favorite choice for bonsai in Malaysia. This plant is said to have quite a good commercial value. 

I have two water jasmine plants left down by previous house owner but I have no idea what is the name of this plant. 

The fragrance scent of this plant is truly amazing! It has small cute dangling little white flowers that able to bloom almost all year with minimum care. 

You can easily prune your plant into any shape and size that you wish plants have no special shape...i just simply trim them. Really need to learn how to trim them nicely.

My water jasmine plants have produced seed pods numerous times but I just do not to collect them. But this time I did!! The mature seed pod will explore just like the adenium seed pod!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Chocolate Cherry Tomato

Do you taste like chocolate? No. I don’t..
Do you look like chocolate? A little bit maybe.

I have a wonderful mahogany-color with deep chocolate shading.

I am very sweet & juicy, uniform in size about 1-inch in diameter, rich in tomato flavours, perfect for salads!

You can call me dark tomato too!

 ps: my friend who never seen  this type of tomato, he said this tomato look like tomato yang dah rosak... @_@

Tested the seeds, it geminated in just 3 days!

 RM2 for 15 seeds. 
Interested please email me at

Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Blooming with Happiness

Hi guys, I am back! Miss you all a lot! Hope you all have a happy 2015! It is so lovely to be able to post something on this blog again.
The mexican sunflower has finally bloomed in my mini garden!  Thanks Deryl for the free seeds. It look like a new year gift to me.
ALmost there!!
Stay TUNE!

 Mexican Sun Flower has a very sharp and attractive orange-red color. Really feel in Love with it. This beautiful flowering plant really stands out and it looks great for spring/NEW YEAR!!

Can i add in this beautiful and fragrant plant for NEW YEAR as well? 
It is called gandasuli ginger/ butterfly lily/white ginger.
Wow!! This elegant in white bloom  have a lovely fragrance that perfumes the air.
Well, i am not sure the ginger look like tuber is edible or not, please share with me if you know it =)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wild Mini Size Bitter Gourds

My brother picked this little bitter gourd for me. He said this bitter gourd is growing wild just like that.  I am not sure it is called as peria katak or just wild bitter gourd maybe? 

Their size are so mini. The length of one bitter gourd is about the length of 2-3 pieces of bird eye chilies.  

I didn't get to taste them cook, but the raw one yes! It was bitter! You will like it, if you are the same with me prefer a 'more bitter' bitter gourd. 

Manage to collect some seeds, will try to grow them. Their seeds are whiter in color compare to normal type bitter gourd. Mr. Google said this bitter gourd is a exotic plant. 

Have you all seen or tasted this type of bitter gourd?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Are you happy if your adenium plant can have different flowers blooming within one plant? 

The answer to have different type of flower blooming is 'grafting' . The Multilayer adenium flower is from the grafted part (the upper part), while the single layer adenium flower is from the original adenium plant (the lower part). Most of the people will not keep the branch that grow from the original adenium plant.

I grafted this adenium early of the year or last year. The multilayer adenium flower is called sweetheart. Both multilayer & normal type blooming are sweet to me

Friday, November 21, 2014

Multilayer Pink Balsam

It has been more than one month i didn't write.....Time pass so fast! I have been so so busy preparing something big & important...tired!

First time i am dealing with multilayer balsam. It is pink in color. It look like small roses to me. The dark pink & purple color one are coming soon too.I planted them beside the lab in the uni. A few peoples came to me asking whether is it a rose plant. Multilayer pink balsam are really pretty & so sweet. 

RM2, 15 seeds
Interested please email me at 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Abandoned Gold Beneath The Soil

Fresh from the garden, best tak? hehe

I grow a tumeric plant in a pot sharing with kesum plants. I wanted to use the tumeric leaves in my cooking but i tak sempat. And it suddenly dried up and turned into brown color @_@. 

I ignored this dried up tumeric plant for about a month. And yesterday i cleaned up the pot because i wanna grow ginger. Out of my expectation, there are tumeric roots grow beneath the soil! 

The plant look small for me but the roots do develop well. Good job! Frankly, i do nothing for this tumeric plant except watering. 

Tadaa...this is the yellow gold that i found beneath the soil

This the pot that i used to grow tumeric....Notice the dried tumeric leaves?

Tadaaa.....The cleaned nice color harvest

The problem is how should i use it in my cooking? i have never use it in my cooking. Beside masak lemak and fry fish, suggest me a recipe please?