Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Peria Katak (bitter gourd) & their shape

It is very interesting to see different shape & size of bitter gourds/peria katak grow from the same batch of seeds

This type of peria katak has the longest length (about 5 inches) and has a very smooth surface. I think this type of bitter gourd is most likely to get the better price in the market …
Second type of peria katak is slightly shorter in length (about 3-4 inches) and has a narrower shape with pointed ends. They look so unique to me.
Last but not least, the 3rd type of mini gourds is the cutest, very mini in size (1-2 in) and oval in shapes rather than oblong
What about their bitterness? Don’t ask me…as I cooked all of them together. =p

Really not sure whether variation do exist in their bitterness or not, even though they are differ substantially in their shape. 

But I am very sure these peria katak are bitterer than the commercial size (big & long) of bitter gourd (peria kampas) that we get from the market.

I like the bitterness in bitter gourd….what about you?

Monday, November 9, 2015

Kucing Galak @ Malaysia's catnip

If you want to give your beloved cat a lovely birthday gift, please look for kucing galak plant. Cats are crazy for this plant. Kucing galak plant (Acalypha indica) can be considered as local “catnip”, as it receives similar intense attraction from the cats. 
Effect on cats
When you leave the bruised leaves or stems or roots of kucing galak plant to cats, they will: rubbing on the plant, rolling on the ground, pawing at it, licking it, and chewing it. These behaviours are very similar as catnip is given to cats. Manage to find a numbers of videos about cats playing and eating kucing galak plants from i share 2 of them...Thanks to Zakaria Abu Bakar & Zarcont for the video.. .. pinjam yer

It is actually edible for human.
From reading, kucing galak plants can be used to treat mouth ulser, skin disease, increase body energy and diseases related to respiratory system such as asthma, bronchitis and cough. Please read more in Google before consuming the plants k. 
 I am selling kucing galak plants at RM10.
Email me at if you are interested =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Peria Katak @ bitter gourd Harvest all about bitter gourd @ peria katak harvest again! I took a trip at middle of the October month and come back to Malaysia after 2 weeks! 

Before i go travel, the weather was so hazy & dry. The first harvest of peria katak was so poor. You may see them in my previous entry

After i came back from travel...i was "WOW" when i saw lot of cute size bitter gourds hanging on the fences, waiting me to pluck them! The haze is gone and it rains a lot! 

So now the bitter gourd plants happily bear more & more fruits! I give them away....tak sempat nak masak... ada guests in the house!

I have about 3-4 bitter gourd plants.There are actually 2 type of bitter gourds in the pictures below, one of them are bigger and longer in size. While the other bitter gourd plants bear super cute size bitter gourds. 

Well, i do not mind...what size the bitter gourds are, as well as they are GREEN with pesticide free, i am satisfy enough!
Harvest Date: 6 Oct 2015
Harvest Date: 14 Oct 2015 (i harversted the all the undersize bitter gourds before i go travel. All the bitter gourds will be over ripe & burst if waited untill i come back from travel trip.)
Harvest Date: 31 Oct 2015
The burst one...over ripe
Harvest Date: 2rd Nov 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Colorful & healthy coleslaw

 Harvest from the mini garden of mine…maybe last month cannot remember the exact date. I have ginseng jawa leaves, papayas, mulberry, white and blue multilayer blue pea flowers. 

Using the mulberry and multilayer blue pea flowers from the garden, let’s make a healthy, nutritious and colorful coleslaw salad! 
The ingredients needed are super simple, we need finely-shreddeds raw cabbage and carrot, mulberries, blue pea flowers & a small pack of mayonnaise!

 Just mix all the ingredients…there you go!

I serve it with roasted chicken, french bread & ya, I know you saw the sambal petai too….So, it is sort of fusion food already. Last month was petai season in Malaysia…how could I miss this delicious delicacy right

Farm to Table

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Peria Katak?

Peria katak plants are not doing so well this time. They fruit less and their sizes are smaller. Due to the haze problem, I have reduced the frequency to go out to look and check on my plants. 

Sometimes the peria katak is over ripe and become “peria bunting”…haha…Am I using the correct term?

Beside this peria katak, I found another smaller type of peria katak growing in kampung. It is just about half the size of our thumb. Not sure they are bitterer than the peria katak above or not. They are still in my fridge now. Any idea what is the name of this type of bitter gourd?
Interested with the seeds, you may find it here  =)