Sunday, February 3, 2013

Little Mulberries

I bought a mulberry plant end of July last year. It started to give me mulberries after four months. 

Mulberry plant is really something u must plant if u like berry fruits. It really bears fruits continuously as long as u prunes them.  

Baby mulberries will come out together with the new brunch. 

The size of mulberries increases along by the age of the tree. The longer time u plant your mulberry tree, the bigger is the mulberries that u will get.

Mulberry taste sour and a little bit sweet. Yes, really a little only. But it is okay. 

U can dip it with honey or sugar powder/glucose powder. Really taste nice! A good source of vitamin C + A!   

Right now I can enjoy 3-5 mulberries once a week although not much. U really can pluck it, wash & go directly into your mouth.I like that.
Cute right? My first mulberry was round in shape.
Some of the precious mulberries.

Mulberry plant - RM5
Mulberry cutting - 8 cuttings RM8

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  1. Nice to have your own mulberries errr...i also wanted to plant.somehow not that easy..where i can get the seeds here ma..huhuhuh

  2. passion fruit dah mulberry pulak...where u get the seed..olive?

  3. haha tq. i bought the plant Rm7 only last year kat flora exjibition in putrajaya. it is grow by keratan. if seed take longer time to bear fruit. i try to plant the keratan by my own but tak jadi. the new tunas eadily come out fr keratan but die aft few days. i aso dunno y

  4. My keratan mulberries died because of kulat i guess. Must try again

  5. Wah Olive, the fruits are bigger. You can try using ke cuttings again. After obtaining the cuttings,soak in water (the whole cutting) for a few hours.

  6. Great berries to grow around the house. Children would love them, and education will come along with questions like "can we make jam, why sour, silkworms really love these leaves...." endless. Our mulberry plants don't seem to stop fruiting!!

  7. hi, nice post! By the way, where do you get the seed? i am very interested in berry family plants but i dont know how.. hope you can help me..