Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Tin Chat' leaves @ Anredera cordifolia - 落葵薯

That day I harvested my 'Tin Chat' leaves, or it is also known as Anredera cordifolia - 落葵薯. 
I found a weird “twin leaves” rather than a normal heart shape leaf.  
The fleshy leaves and tubers are edible.  Normally the leaves will be eaten stir fried while the tubers will be used for soup cooking. 
I heard that this plant have medicinal properties. It is good to have herbicide free green from our own backyard. Satisfying………

I am back =)

After one and a half year, my 2nd post finally turn out (i know is terrible & horrible after so long time). WIsh to share with u all my gardening fun (my current interest) and a lot of other stuffs..............