Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fresh Multilayer/Single Layer Blue Pea Flower Seeds For Sale

Just harvested the seeds yesterday!

Multilayer Blue Pea Flower     (15 seeds------RM2)

Single Layer Blue Pea Flower   (30 seeds------RM2)

Interested please leave me your order at



Lots of fresh seed!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Last Stock---Clearance sale!!!

The estimated germination rate is claimed to be more than 80%.  

  • RM 3 per pack.

  • Buy 5 packs ------> Free Postage + Free Mystery seeds

Interested please leave me your name, order, contact and address at

1. Garden lettuce (No. C009)
    - 100 seeds per pack
    - Quantity available: 1

2. Dutch Cucumber
         - 20 seeds per pack
         - Quantity available: 1 left

3. Extra Long Suakwa Towel gourd
Long fruit, up to 200 cm, nutrient rich, tender when cooking, crisp white flesh, delicate taste.
                         - 10 seeds per pack
                         - Quantity available: 1 left

4. Balsam Pear
Bitter gourd or karela, also known as bitter melon in the Chinese markets, is a delicacy that is nutritious and is renowned to have medicinal qualities. It can be fried, stuffed, pickled, baked or curried. Emerald green, quite bitter, a heavy yielder, 45-50 days from sowing. 
                              - 10 seeds per pack
                              - Quantity available:1 left

5. Superman Pumpkin
Typically 30 lbs. or more, well ribbed, with thick, medium length handle with an upright shape. Vigorous medium vines. Avg. yield: 1-2 fruits/plant.
                             - 4 seeds per pack
                             - Quantity available: 2 

6. Happy / Teddy bear Sunflower
A tall, teddy bear-type with up to 8" blooms. Branching. Ht. 60-72". Avg. 920 seeds/oz. Like sunny & fertile.
                            - 15 seeds per pack
                            - Quantity available: 1

7. Dahlia pinnata
Colorful flowers are 5-10 cm in diameter. Favor to well drained fertile sandy soil and ideal for flowerpot.
                               - 50 seeds per pack
                               - Quantity available: 1

8. Double Layer Purple Garden Balsam
Plant height 20-30 cm, double purple large flowers. Favor sunshine, rich and well drained soil.
                            - 20 seeds per pack
                            - Quantity available: 1
9. Garden Balsam
One of the most popular domestic varieties with a height of 20-40 cm. The plant has long leaves and large flowers that come in a variety of colors. Pink, light red, bloddy red, rosy, purple, white flowers are available. Varied shaped plants with abundant colors make your border and parterre fascinating. It is also long blooming, producing blooms from spring through the first frost of the fall. Strong adaptability and easy to care. Favor to ample sunshine and damp loose soil.
                               - 60 seeds per pack
                               - Quantity available: 1

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Purple Color French Bean

It was so exciting to grow the purple color French bean because I never see one before. 

I obtained the seeds from Diana. The seeds germinated very fast. 

Although the dry weather had retarded the growth of the bean plants, finally they started to bloom.

The baby bean pods finally showed up after the bloom. 

However, the baby bean pods were green in color, not PURPLE at all…I was so confused at first.

Without my knowledge, they had gradually turned into an attractive dark gorgeous purple bean. 

As the growth of the plant was stunted, there was only one bean pod that successfully being set.  

I wanted to keep it as seeds for future use although it was small in size. 
But, in one fine day, I realized that the bean had disappeared. 

Who stole my purple color French bean >_< !!!!??? #*&$*#