Friday, December 13, 2013

Harvest For July 2013

Ahaaa....Time to show off kejap....I do not aware that I have not blog on harvest from my mini edible garden since July... 

Oh no. It is almost half year u know....In about 2 weeks time, we will move in to Year 2014! 

Right now all the brinjal plants, luffa plants and kacang sepat plants had gone already. 

Now only left the binahong leaves, Taiwan goji leaves & aloe vera plants that still serve me well. 

I like to keep these plants in my garden because they are very easy to take care of. Some of them just grow back after you harvest the leaves.Why not right?
I like to cut aloe vera into cube then cook them with either roselle or lemon with honey. What about you?

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

DIY flower hair band @ brooch

Lately, i have been having fun in making some DIY stuffs from scraps. So no talk on gardening today :p

One of the DIY product is flower hair band @ brooch.

The raw materials...
Any cloth of your choice

Tadaa...The finished product! Cantik tak?
Front View
Back View
I had given this DIY hair band away as a birthday gift 3 days ago..She loved it either as a brooch or hair band..but she need hair band more than brooch.

Just replace the hair band at the back with brooch pin in order to change it from hair band to brooch.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Just to share 6-12-13

Such a long time didn't update the blog :p But i do quietly pay visit to most of the blogger's "house"...
Do not know what topic to please enjoy the photos below ya..
 Rare Dwi color Bougainvillea flower from my mom's garden. It appear just like one in the million. All the blooms are orange in color, suddenly one appeared with combination of red & orange color.
Another Rare Dwi color Bougainvillea bloom again...The pink color Bougainvillea flowers suddenly turned up among the white color Bougainvillea flower plant. My mom was so happy with it.
 Unknown beautiful white mushroom was found beside the chicken coop..quite big in size. Do you think it is edible or poisonous? No one know..haha
White bitter gourd! This is rare too in Malaysia & it is expensive! RM8.80 for 542 gram of bitter gourd.
Though of wanna keep the seeds from the fruit but none of them germinate. The bitter gourd was too young i think.
Super big size dog! i took this picture in dogathon event held by UPM this year. Have to keep some distance with this dog as it has a slimy wet tongue!

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gifts From UK

My sister bought me all these gifts from UK last month :D Thanks to her.. :-)
This is sea sponge. Have you ever heard of this? It really look like the normal plastic sponge out there right? So interesting. My sister said use this for shower. Curious right...
These are figs. They are sweet & big in size. However, they are being cut into half and two figs are being stick together. Weird right?
A beautiful shirt from Santorini

A famous brand of potato chip in UK. My sis told me peoples in UK have a habit to enjoy a pack of potato chip after lunch
I like this gift the most of course! 
Thanks my dear sister!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Plantago major @ka Pokok ekor anjing Seeds For Sale

Plantago major is one of the most widely distributed medicinal crops in the world. It has been used as a healing remedy for numerous disease & infection such as fever,sores, minor cold, & etc, as well as for wound healing and pain relief.
According to research by Samuelson, (2000), a range of biological activities has been found from plant extracts including wound healing activity, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, weak antibiotic, immuno modulating and antiulcerogenic activity. So interesting!

My mom used to boil this herb and sweeten it with sugar. Serve cold. It tastes great! 

By the way, this plant really has a very funny name in Malay language---dog’s tail plant??? 
Plantago major's seeds (RM2 - 50 seeds)

If you are interested with the Plantago major’s seeds,please email me at

Monday, November 11, 2013

Blue & white Pea Flower

Growing blue pea flower is really satisfying. Yes, not only you can use them in cooking, they can serve as ornamental plant. 

Blue Pea flower is great for growing over the fence. If you have a fence like me, and you wish to cover it up a bit for privacy or for covering an old shed or building then blue pea flower is the plant of your choice.

Blue color flower is very rare. It gives color to your fence and let you enjoy the beautiful blue blooms every morning.

Furthermore, blue pea flower plant is relatively carefree and almost never bothered by pests or disease.
Blue Pea flower plant --- growing over the fence

Beautiful Harvest!

Oh ya, both my single and multilayer white color pea flower just started to bloom. They are gorgeous! 
Single layer white pea flower
Multilayer white pea flower

Unlike the blue color pea flower, white color pea flower is believed to have medicinal values. It is used for ayurveda treatment rather than food dye.

Thanks for dropping by... :-)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fresh balsam flower seeds for sale

Balsams are very adaptive plant. They can be easily grown under full sun or partial shade. 

The blooms are very colorful. Balsam plant is known to have a lot medicinal uses. 
Purple Balsam
White Balsam
Pink Balsam

30 purple balsam seeds = RM2

30 white balsam seeds = RM2 

30 Pink balsam seeds = RM2

If you are interested to buy balsam seeds, please email me at Thanks!