Saturday, May 11, 2013

Home-Grown Peria Katak Seeds For Sale

Peria katak or small type bitter gourd, is a popular vegetable plant in Malaysia.

You can always find this dish in mamak stall. 

Peria katak is a fast growing climbing plant. It is more bitter and tastier than the normal bitter gourd. 

Currently peria katak is priced at RM3.99-RM4.99 per kg in the market.Why not try to grow them yourself?

Bitter gourd can be consumed raw as ulam, but I like it stir fry or just fry it with egg. 

A lot of peoples also make them into healthy juice with green apple, which is very good for diabetic peoples as well as those weight conscious peoples.

Home Grown Peria Katak Seeds
  • 10 seeds per pack (RM2)
  • Surcharge of RM1 are applied as postage fee.
  •  Stock

The seeds are limited. Interested please leave me your name, email, contact & address at  I will pm you my bank account number. Seeds will be sent out once the payment is made.  First come first serve.For other type of seeds, please click HERE.  


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