Saturday, November 10, 2012

My way of growing taugeh (bean sprouts)

I grow my own bean sprouts using tea pot. Yes, u heard me right. It is so simple & fun! All u need is a tea pot (must be opac) which make from either metal, glass or ceramic. Old kettle will also do.

Day 1 evening
Okay firstly, measure your beans. 2-3 tbsp of mung beans or any amount enough to cover the bottom layer of your tea pot/kettle is good enough.

Wash & pre-soak the beans for 6-8 hrs. You can see the green skin of the bean start to breaks……

Day 1 before u go to sleep
Drain and rinse the soaked bean. Put them in the cleaned tea pot & close the lid of tea pot.  

I just place my tea pot on the table near kitchen there. A visible place please so that u don forget abt the rinsing time.

DO NOT open the lid of the tea pot until the harvesting day.

Day 2 morning
Rinse your bean with water 2-3 times daily. Preferably, before u go out for work or etc. Repeat this step in the afternoon (if u are at home), or do it after u come back from work. 

Do not open the lid of your tea pot. Just add in water to the tea pot through the mouth of the tea pot. Give it a little shake & then drain off.
I know, sure u are eager to see how your bean sprouts have being doing.....okay. U can take a quick glance to check its readiness. 

Try to avoid light from reaching the sprouts. Once they are exposed to light, they will tend to grow longer & longer. People usually prefer short & fat sprouts rite? So give it a dark environment.

Day 3 morning
Ur bean sprouts are ready!

Reminder, if u r busy in the middle of preparing this sprouts or not ready to cook the sprouts yet, u can just place your tea pot temporarily in the fridge. it will slow down the growth of the sprouts.

U may also refer to Ummuaidan & Puteri Purnama for different methods of preparing bean sprouts!   

Have Fun!


  1. Wah...more fun than making tea time i'll try yr i thought if u put the tea pot berbaring..the sprouts would be longer kan..hai meh?

  2. all taugeh lovers will try this easy meathod..thanks for sharing leng lui..

  3. Glad that u all like it! it is really fun!

  4. Hi Olive,

    It's surprisingly easy to make bean sprouts. Will give it a try!

  5. TQ olive for sharing...okey today nak beli kacang hijau...kalau mcm ni guna pot je..senang!

  6. hi Olive,
    I came from LG's blog...hey thanks for sharing this method.. it's fun.. I think my kids gonna love this.. new way to grow taugeh..thanks again :)

    1. Hi welcome blu4sky! Yes, it is really a lot of fun! i also think kids will like this kind of stuff..somemore the outcome can be eaten.

  7. Hi, have searched on ways to grow taugeh. Yours is a really interesting method...and the easiest. I will try it very soon. Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rita, No prob.i like all this easy and useful DIY stuff. Good n fun stuff must share share then only can gain more fun. Have fun!

  8. Hi Olive,

    Finally after a few weeks of buying green beans I finally started soaking them last night! This morning I put them in an opaque pot. Hope mine will be a success too. TQ for sharing!

    1. Hi Mak Aji, sure you can get the sprout success one. don worry. is easy. as long as u do remember to mandi them frequently :-)

    2. Olive,

      My bean sprouts did grow successfully, but how come mine have got too much roots, hairy ones??? Yours only have one?