Saturday, September 29, 2012

The journey of my long bean

Last month, i had planted one long bean plant, yes, only one. It grew so well and the leaves were so big. 

It was just before raya, and it start flowering. A lot of black ants surrounded the flower. I did not have a chance to see the long bean yet as the flower & baby bean keep dropping!! 

At the same time, the holiday for raya started & I went back to my hometown for about a week of time. 

I am quite worry as nobody will be there to help me to water my long bean. It was a crucial time as the plant almost bear me long bean & the plant need water to grow!!

Thing happened as I expected when I come back from holiday. Whole long bean plant was dried up. 

The plant did bear me 11 long beans, yes 11 long beans. But all were in abnormal shape and retarded

What a experience…no choice and I keep watering the plant hoping the bean will be revived back. 

But all effort were useless!!!! Arrhhhhhhh!!! 

Still, i had the luck to taste the long bean at last but all were in mini size as the whole plant was dried up eventually.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Multilayer Bunga Telang/Blue Pea Flower

i managed to see a multilayer blue pea flower or bunga telang last week. I know there is a multilayer blue pea flower but i have never seen before. 

i only have planted the single layer blue pea flower. 

So happy! of course, i quickly checked through to see whether there was a dry pod or not. Ya, i am lucky. I managed to collect 2 pods for seeds collecting. 

Peoples usually extract the natural blue color from this flower for kuih & nasi karabu

Look elegant right?

Kacang Parang/Sword Bean

My long awaited sword bean seed had germinated!! It took approximately 3 weeks of time to germinate. 

i only have 2 sword bean seeds & this time i only planted one seed.

That red color of sword bean look so mysterious right?

Sword bean plant is growing taller & taller. It is ready for transplant. It needs a trellis support now. Hopefully it will successfully produce sword bean later on ^_^