Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Binahong (Anredera Cordifolia) or Madeira vine is one the vegetable or herb (a very famous herb in Indonesia) that worth to be planted in our garden. 

Binahong is a vigorous climber that grows easily and need very least maintenance. 

Most economic part is that, they will grow back after you harvest the leaves.

Binahong leaves are smooth and slimy just like the sayur Raja, but it does not have the distinct taste of sayur Raja that unfavorable to certain peoples. 

In Indonesia, binahong leaves are widely used for health and medicine purposes (Ask Mr. Google ya). 

Binahong leaves had been processed into powder and being commercialized in Indonesia as a health product.

I personally do not aware that it has so many benefits as I only consume it as a vegetable. 

Oh ya, I just simply do a very quick stir fry (less than 1 minute) of binahong leaves with fried shallot & oyster sauce. Sometimes I do add binahong leaves into spaghetti. It tastes nice too. 

Binahong can be planted using aerial tubers that grow along its stem.
Have you heard of Binahong?


  1. aaaa tak pernah dengar nama binahong...mungkin kat sini dipanggil nama lain...nampak familiar...:D

  2. banyak tak tau..yg ni pun..segar pokok nya

  3. unexpected! i though it is quite common in Malaysia. Chinese ppls call it as 'Tin Chat' leaves.

  4. I have that kind of plant.the oņe who gave me called it as Samchai.