Friday, January 30, 2015

Chocolate Cherry Tomato

Do you taste like chocolate? No. I don’t..
Do you look like chocolate? A little bit maybe.

I have a wonderful mahogany-color with deep chocolate shading.

I am very sweet & juicy, uniform in size about 1-inch in diameter, rich in tomato flavours, perfect for salads!

You can call me dark tomato too!

 ps: my friend who never seen  this type of tomato, he said this tomato look like tomato yang dah rosak... @_@

Tested the seeds, it geminated in just 3 days!

Friday, January 16, 2015

2015 Blooming with Happiness

Hi guys, I am back! Miss you all a lot! Hope you all have a happy 2015! It is so lovely to be able to post something on this blog again.
The mexican sunflower has finally bloomed in my mini garden!  Thanks Deryl for the free seeds. It look like a new year gift to me.
ALmost there!!
Stay TUNE!

 Mexican Sun Flower has a very sharp and attractive orange-red color. Really feel in Love with it. This beautiful flowering plant really stands out and it looks great for spring/NEW YEAR!!

Can i add in this beautiful and fragrant plant for NEW YEAR as well? 
It is called gandasuli ginger/ butterfly lily/white ginger.
Wow!! This elegant in white bloom  have a lovely fragrance that perfumes the air.
Well, i am not sure the ginger look like tuber is edible or not, please share with me if you know it =)