Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Abandoned Gold Beneath The Soil

Fresh from the garden, best tak? hehe

I grow a tumeric plant in a pot sharing with kesum plants. I wanted to use the tumeric leaves in my cooking but i tak sempat. And it suddenly dried up and turned into brown color @_@. 

I ignored this dried up tumeric plant for about a month. And yesterday i cleaned up the pot because i wanna grow ginger. Out of my expectation, there are tumeric roots grow beneath the soil! 

The plant look small for me but the roots do develop well. Good job! Frankly, i do nothing for this tumeric plant except watering. 

Tadaa...this is the yellow gold that i found beneath the soil

This the pot that i used to grow tumeric....Notice the dried tumeric leaves?

Tadaaa.....The cleaned nice color harvest

The problem is how should i use it in my cooking? i have never use it in my cooking. Beside masak lemak and fry fish, suggest me a recipe please? 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

111014 Adenium Again

111014 Good Morning! Again showing off adenium that blooms this morning! Hope you all don't feel bored ya....Have a Happy weekend too =)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Muletilayer & Single Layer Blue Pea Flower

So what is the different between muletilayer & single layer blue pea flower? Both are beautiful for sure! hehe
One piece of multilayer blue pea flower simply consist of 5 pieces flower petals! 
Wao! There are a lot! We are actually getting 5 pieces of single layer pea flowers from just one piece of multilayer blue pea flower. Not bad right =)

This is how the multilayer & single layer blue pea flowers look like before & after they are dried! Multilayer one look bigger ha.

Beautiful harvest! 
They look like this when after they are dried!

Thanks for dropping by. I am selling 100 pieces flower per pack at RM2. 

For the postage,
1. 100-200 pieces flowers (1-2 packs) – normal post (RM1), take longer time, may lost during delivery.

2. 100-200 pieces flowers (1-2 packs) – post express (RM3.50), reach by the next day of delivery.

3. 300 and above – post laju (RM6), reach by next day of delivery too.