Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fresh balsam flower seeds for sale

Balsams are very adaptive plant. They can be easily grown under full sun or partial shade. 

The blooms are very colorful. Balsam plant is known to have a lot medicinal uses. 
Purple Balsam
White Balsam
Pink Balsam

30 purple balsam seeds = RM2

30 white balsam seeds = RM2 

30 Pink balsam seeds = RM2

If you are interested to buy balsam seeds, please email me at Thanks!


  1. need extra careful during harvest balsams seeds, almost my balsams seed pop out from its pouch! hehe

  2. haha. Agree sgt sgt Alwin. Memang banyak yg pop terus ke tanah instead of my hand..haha..

  3. olive...i want to order white balsam and pink dah habis pulak. BTW, reserve foe me white balsam ya!