Friday, May 16, 2014

Free seeds again_Thanks Deryl

Hehehe...Me smiling wickedly....Because i wanna share with u (ya, is YOU!) my FOC seeds again! Don jealous ya...  =p

Ya, someone special staying in Sabah sent me those seeds as gift...

We have a really special friendship. At first, she was one of my i sell my plants/cuttings/seeds to her...But so so unexpectedly, i received her email one day asking me whether i want flowers & veges seeds!

Okay, i felt so so surprise & "malu la" at the same time...sebab i sell my plants to her & now she wanna give me seeds for free!!! How nice she is right! She give me a long list of seeds name. 

Alright, then i name a few seeds that i wish to have and i beg her to sell me the seeds instead of giving me for free.Very malu hehe

After all, she finally agreed to sell her seeds for RM10 (paid her through phone top up).i think about 3-4 types of seeds if not mistaken. 

AND then after 1-2 weeks, finally the seeds safely reached to me. Oh ya, she sent me the seeds through registered post! RM10 is definitely not enough! 

AND when i opened out the enveloped, there were 11 type of seeds inside and the amount are a lot! Oh No, Definitely RM10 is not enough.  i contacted her again, she refused to receive my money, she said she just want to "SHARE" the seeds with me. Oh my god, How nice she is!! All i can say to her is thanks-you!

Dear Derly, thank you, I really appreciate your gift & our special friendship. Do keep in touch ya.


  1. Oh my...bertuah badan...banyak betul!

  2. wow olive,bestnye......banyak pulak tu dia bagi. lucky you. :)

  3. Eh..why my eyes just view on morning glory seeds only ...mmmm..lucky you Olive!

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