Monday, May 13, 2013

Home-Grown Roselle Seeds For Sale

It is fun to grow your own roselle plant. 

Not only you will have a chance to see the beautiful roselle blooming, but u also can cook yourself a "ribena taste" high Vitamin C drink! 

Well, u can make it into jam, sorbet, ice cream or any dessert since it have a strong beautiful red anthocyanin pigment which is good for us. 

Home-Grown Roselle Seeds

  • 20 seeds per pack (RM2)

  • Surcharge of RM1 are applied as postage fee.

  •  Stock (Available)

Interested please leave me your name, email, contact & address at  I will pm you my bank account number. Seeds will be sent out once the payment is made.  First come first serve. For other type of seeds, please click HERE.


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