Saturday, May 11, 2013

Red Cherry Radish

Thanks to the kindness of Mama Aidan, I have a chance to grow cherry radish by my own.

She had sent me the seeds all the way from Fiji Islands. Terima Kasih Banyak-Banyak!

Plump, cherry-red globes with crisp flesh. This is the description written on the package for this red cherry radish.

Plump? But I got an oblong shape of cherry radish. Haha. 

But I do not complain. I am satisfied with what I got at the end. It is better than nothing at all. 

According to the instruction, red cherry radish is easy and quick to grow, fun for kids and not to hot (taste wise). 

I have to admit that, it is fun for adult like me too.

I am always wondering when the red color cute round shape radish will turn out. 

When u finally can see some red color turn out near the root part there, now u are eager to know how this radish has being doing beneath the soil. 

Well, I tried to dig off the soil a bit to peek for its readiness.hehe

Ya, I am really excited.
Cantik Right?


  1. Replies
    1. Yaya. kena tukar nama. kalau tak cakap memang ingat long scalet radish kan

  2. waa berjaya...mine still baby long to be done like this olive?

    1. Nadia, it turn out quite fast. abt 3-4 weeks. dah boleh harvest.

  3. nice arr..yr cherry radish dah berhasil..actually kena harvest bf matang kan..kalau terlebih ms rs mcm biting sket kan.makan ngan salt pun sedap..:)