Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Pepper / Chili Seeds for Sale


- a beautiful ornamental pepper, dwarf plant, can be planted in pots.

- fruity, and mild pungent, with the coloring ripening yellow to orange and finally red fruity.

RM2 - 20 seeds

- is yellow green in color, very long, thick flesh, and good commodity.
- delicious peppers, has a mild, sweet taste, capsicum taste alike, not hot
- perfect for pickling, stuffed or used as a raw ingredient in foods

RM2 - 20 seeds

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Red & Peach Amaryllis

Okay....Those amaryllis bloom were captured 2 or 3 months ago =) They are simply beautiful & gorgeous!
Red Amaryllis are planted near the lab while the peach color one belongs to my mom.
Can u notice another baby bloom coming out there?
Full bloom! The flower can last for quite long! So nice!
Another full bloom ^_^

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Expensive New toy - Adenium

Everything related to adenium of mine was started from a private adenium group in facebook...From there, i learned how to grow adenium and how to graft adenium. Grafting is the most Interesting part! & from there also i started to purchase adenium online...OMG! my money gone! The earning from seeds and plants selling was trade with adenium!! >_< 

Just wanna share some of the adenium that i had purchased online before..Don be surprise to see the adenium, they were all bald (botak head). Soil is prohibited to be brought out from foreign country. That's the reason they have to be in bare root. They look exactly the same like ginseng root or white radish right?...Now, they are really ugly..but once they started to bloom, they can really make you smiling wide. Don worry, adenium is a very durable plant. It can last up to 3-6 months in bare root form..Therefore, they are safe through transportation.

Do you all realize that these grafted adenium actually have 2 parts? The upper thinner branches are actually the cutting from the favorite adenium. They might have very nice color (yellow, purple, black, red etc) and multilayer. The lower fat caudex is from the normal type of pink adenium. The cutting from the favorite adenium was grafted on the normal type of adenium
They were from Thailand. About RM30-35 per piece if not mistaken
Special fragrant adenium from India...Maybe it cost me RM50-80 per piece..can't remember
Taiwan mari..RM40 per piece. Adenium from Taiwan have brighter color body. 
Made in Malaysia...normal type of adenium. Gardener always use its fat caudex for grafting purposes. 

Just planted the RM40 Taiwan adenium, but they were attacked by next door cats! Most of the pot were terbalik and the cats leave down some souvenir there...speechless! Siapa mao ganti rugi ha?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Adenium Babies

This is my 2nd attempt to grow adenium from seeds. The previous one was attacked by cats. The cats came and poop on the babies adenium..make them all up side down! Sakit hati!

Alright, i retry and i put a lot of satey sticks there..

These babies grow up really fast! So happy to see them grow up...give me a feeling like having hope in our life...hehe..talk to much..

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Live Plant for Sale

 Pokok bangun-bangun @ka Cuban Oregano @ka pokok ubat batuk (RM10)

Pokok ubi kayu dwicolor - (RM12)
beautiful decorative plant & can be eaten as ulam

Other plants,

Pokok Selom (RM10)
Pokok Kesum (RM8)