Saturday, December 15, 2012

Baby Pak Choy

I like to look at these babies green bok choy. The greenery view makes me feel calm.

I am really amazed by the magic power of such a tiny seed that able to sprout & turning into a lively green veg.

I want to have magic power too...May i?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sword bean 1-12-12

Thanks to the raining season, my sword bean plant has been growing beautifully.

So happy to see the white flower of the bean plant to bloom, follow by the successfully pollinated baby beans.  

Some of them are now almost ready for harvest! :D 

But little black ants like them so much.

They never leave the bean alone >.<

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update on Kacang parang 20-11-12

Hi all, is this the kacang golok/parang (Sword Bean, Canavalia gladiata) that mentioned by Mr. Is? Please guide me.

When shld i harvest the bean & how to eat them?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

My way of growing taugeh (bean sprouts)

I grow my own bean sprouts using tea pot. Yes, u heard me right. It is so simple & fun! All u need is a tea pot (must be opac) which make from either metal, glass or ceramic. Old kettle will also do.

Day 1 evening
Okay firstly, measure your beans. 2-3 tbsp of mung beans or any amount enough to cover the bottom layer of your tea pot/kettle is good enough.

Wash & pre-soak the beans for 6-8 hrs. You can see the green skin of the bean start to breaks……

Day 1 before u go to sleep
Drain and rinse the soaked bean. Put them in the cleaned tea pot & close the lid of tea pot.  

I just place my tea pot on the table near kitchen there. A visible place please so that u don forget abt the rinsing time.

DO NOT open the lid of the tea pot until the harvesting day.

Day 2 morning
Rinse your bean with water 2-3 times daily. Preferably, before u go out for work or etc. Repeat this step in the afternoon (if u are at home), or do it after u come back from work. 

Do not open the lid of your tea pot. Just add in water to the tea pot through the mouth of the tea pot. Give it a little shake & then drain off.
I know, sure u are eager to see how your bean sprouts have being doing.....okay. U can take a quick glance to check its readiness. 

Try to avoid light from reaching the sprouts. Once they are exposed to light, they will tend to grow longer & longer. People usually prefer short & fat sprouts rite? So give it a dark environment.

Day 3 morning
Ur bean sprouts are ready!

Reminder, if u r busy in the middle of preparing this sprouts or not ready to cook the sprouts yet, u can just place your tea pot temporarily in the fridge. it will slow down the growth of the sprouts.

U may also refer to Ummuaidan & Puteri Purnama for different methods of preparing bean sprouts!   

Have Fun!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Let The Pictures Do All The Talking: Wild Grass Flowers

The natural beauty of the wild grass flowers is irresistible.Many of us may not even notice their presence in our backyard. 

Yes, these wild grass flowers are just ordinary weeds that simply grow everywhere. 

When it comes to the flowers that easily can be found in the garden, many people overlook the beauty that the flowers can provide.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bayam/amaranthus grow madly

One of the vegetable that grow madly...uncontrollable... in my garden is bayam or amaranthus. 

There are 3 types of bayam there in my garden, the green one, the red one and the mix color one.  

I did not sow the bayam seeds. I did grow bayam on my last August's post and did keep 2-3 bayam plants till old for seed collecting. i am very sure that I did cut off the old bayam and had collected the seeds. 

So where are all these bayam seeds come from? I still don’t get it. 

Anyway, I am very happy with it. It grows so well although by itself! No complain! Much much better than those vegetable that purposely plant with planning.

I had given away my bayam to many peoples and i myself had cooked it many times. Taste so so good! It is still so fertile +fat + tall now! 

It is now started to grow seeds. I guess when I water my plants, the water bring the fertilizer to the bayam. I did put lots of baja.  Let's enjoy the beauty of bayam ^_^ wuhahah

Mustard cabbage/sayur pahit/kai choy

My sayur pahit/mustard cabbage/kai choy has grown up. It is called sayur pahit because it has a bitter taste in it. Should i harvest it already? 

My mother used to cook this kai choy into soup by adding in anchovies and fish ball. I like to eat my rice just with the soup (the typical chinese eating style-must has soup). hahah. U can taste the sweetness of the anchovies & the taste of kai choy. 

I remember at one time I fall sick and I have no appetite to eat any foods! But I did eat a bit of rice with this soup, weird right? 

Chinese restaurant usually cook the thick stem of kai choy with seafood (crab meat, sotong, prawn & scallop) in thick-egg-gravy.  Sedap!