Thursday, April 11, 2013

February Harvest 2013

Again, i am late in showing off my February harvest...

Just to share ya..not to showing off PLEASE  :p  haha..

I am sorry if u happen to notice some of the photos are actually repeatation.

i myself are confused by them too.

Catch a lot of photos but lazy to write.

February was a month with Chinese New Year holiday.

So i brought back most of the harvest to my mom.

I am really feel proud with the harvest that i get. Do You?

Take an action to grow your own food too :-)



  1. wah...1 mth celebrat CNY ya..hhh....lots of veges oliv..sure yr yr sangat2 proud anaknya pandai berkebun...)

  2. banyak betul olive in a month...kalau i harvest for a year pun belum tentu these much...mesti ur kebun penuh dengan sayuran...nak tgk ur kebun area boleh?

  3. This will inspire many people to grow their own food !

  4. wah banyak macam yg.di tanam.Tentu olive penat jaga pelbagai ragam sayur ni kan.cantik gambar2 ni.Terimakasih berkongsi.

  5. wah. berbaloi sungguh tanam sendiri dapat hasil macam ni. memang jimat belanja dapur.

  6. olive.....banyaknya hasil! so inspiringggggggg