Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home-Grown Seeds For Sale

I have always wished that I can try online business one day. 

But I do not know what to sell. 

Until recently, the idea of selling home-grown seeds keeps bothering me. 

Since I am growing my own foods and I have my own seed collection too, so why not I have a try? 

I can earn extra pocket money to buy fertilizer and new exotic seeds. 

Of course, I do aware that there are many seed sellers out there. 

Therefore, I will try to offer new and rare home-grown seeds besides the common one. 

However, the choices of seed that I can offer will be limited as I only have a mini garden. 

I will only sell off seeds that I have extra. 

For your information, all of my plants are mainly compost grown and feed with animal manure. 

No pesticide is used. 

Seeds offer might be from selection of heirloom or F1 Hybrids.

If you are interested to be my first batch of customer, please follow the following instruction:
  1. Email your order,  name, contact & address to :
  2. Make your payment to bank.
  3. Notify me once payment is made. No changes or cancellation is allowed after PAYMENT has been made.
  4. Seeds delivery is done by normal post and surcharge of RM1 are applied as postage fee.
  5. Process of delivery may take up to 2 weeks for normal postage. Your patience is much appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Gardening!
~ Olive ~


  1. Good luck leng lui with yr new least you can help other gardeners too by supplying fresh seeds...

  2. Xie xie my dear sis! i hope win situation is the best!

  3. Can I be your first customer?
    Send me your list ya.
    Samelah here all invest back to our garden.

    1. Diana sis, u must be kidding me! haha. i am just kindergarden compare to your garden/nursery @_@ haha. anyway, thanks for ur comment..

    2. Its ok dear. Hantar je list. My seeds inventory kucar-kacir, I can't find some of the boxes banyak tak unpacking lagi.

  4. Please send me your full list with prices to.