Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bayam/amaranthus grow madly

One of the vegetable that grow madly...uncontrollable... in my garden is bayam or amaranthus. 

There are 3 types of bayam there in my garden, the green one, the red one and the mix color one.  

I did not sow the bayam seeds. I did grow bayam on my last August's post and did keep 2-3 bayam plants till old for seed collecting. i am very sure that I did cut off the old bayam and had collected the seeds. 

So where are all these bayam seeds come from? I still don’t get it. 

Anyway, I am very happy with it. It grows so well although by itself! No complain! Much much better than those vegetable that purposely plant with planning.

I had given away my bayam to many peoples and i myself had cooked it many times. Taste so so good! It is still so fertile +fat + tall now! 

It is now started to grow seeds. I guess when I water my plants, the water bring the fertilizer to the bayam. I did put lots of baja.  Let's enjoy the beauty of bayam ^_^ wuhahah

Mustard cabbage/sayur pahit/kai choy

My sayur pahit/mustard cabbage/kai choy has grown up. It is called sayur pahit because it has a bitter taste in it. Should i harvest it already? 

My mother used to cook this kai choy into soup by adding in anchovies and fish ball. I like to eat my rice just with the soup (the typical chinese eating style-must has soup). hahah. U can taste the sweetness of the anchovies & the taste of kai choy. 

I remember at one time I fall sick and I have no appetite to eat any foods! But I did eat a bit of rice with this soup, weird right? 

Chinese restaurant usually cook the thick stem of kai choy with seafood (crab meat, sotong, prawn & scallop) in thick-egg-gravy.  Sedap! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lady's Finger/Okra

Yeah! Finally my okra are big enough for me to harvest! i have about 12 okra now in the fridge. Enough for us ^_^

This time the okra plants give me fruit a bit late. Maybe I grow them too close to the roselle plants. Make them have not enough sun light. 

Anyway, the okra still turn out. So no complain. Hopefully many more okra to come.  

i like to stir fry the okra or just steam it & eat with budu-cili padi-garlic-lime juice. Sometimes i just put them in curry or asam pedas. So nice to eat!!

Just received my new okra seeds (bendi emas)from En.Is. hehe. According to him, this type of okra will give more fruit than the other type of okra. Must try later.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Passion Fruit

Expects out there, please tell me when my passion fruit free will bear me precious passion fruit...

i almost lost my passion on this passion fruit >_<.

it has been months since i planted this tree

But the tree and the green leaves look great & healthful. No sign of under nutrient...

Or should i ask: how do i get my passion fruit tree to flower and produce fruit?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Uninvited Guests on my dwarf pak choy

My poor dwarf pak choy are full of holes and green droppings recently. I check through the leaves and notice that there are a lot of uninvited guests, happily enjoying themselves for this pesticide free pak choy. 
These worms are either in light brown or light green in color. I just hate them. My pak choy grew so beautiful before invaded by these creatures!!! 
These little creatures really cause a lot of damage on my pak choy. I hand-pick and destroy the worms every single day but I still can see them everyday! Their grow rate was so fast!  
I do not like to harvest green vegetable that have not fully reach their mature stage. I feel it is a waste, as the green vegetable may grow bigger in little short time. 

But at last, I decide to harvest the pak choy. I had inspected the pak choy for worms every single day in 2 weeks time, but it did not turn well. I better harvest it before the worms finish them for me.