Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grow your own pandan plant

Are you still buying pandan leaves from supermarket store like Jusco & Tesco?

No place to grow your own pandan plant at home?

You can start to grow your own pandan leaves now....with an old & cracked basin! Please don throw it away (Remember 3R???).

If you do not have basin, u may try to use bucket or even polystyrene. Or you may buy a new one, and try to make some holes in the bottom of it...

And now you are ready to go....Put some soil & plant your pandan plant. Oh ya, please remember to water it regularly. 

This is how the 60 cm of diameter basin look like. 
Please water regulary & do feed your pandan plant with fertilizer once in a while.
Now you have a plenty supply of pandan leaves from your garden! i myself can hardly see the present of basin in this picture :-)

Pretty easy right?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Turkish Altinbas Melon Seeds For Sale

Altinbas melon is originated from Turkey and its name is derived from the Turkish word for gold (altin) and head (bas). 

This melon has a unique golden skin with dark green stripes and it is very sweet in taste.

RM2 - 10 Seeds

Interested please email me at

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Home-grown Adenium/Desert Rose Seeds for Sale

Beautiful pink adenium
- 3 seeds  (RM2)
- Flower Color - pink

Adenium is also called as Kemboja Jepun or Kemboja China in Malaysia. It symbolize wealth for the chinese people, therefore it is also called as Prosperity Flower.
Adenium seed pods on the progress. Tali rafia is used to prevent the seeds from blowing away by wind when the seed pods are mature.

Matured seed pod will gradually dry out and burst naturally
The seeds are very light and can be blown away easily by wind
The germination rate for fresh seeds are 100%...good! Babies adenium very cute right :P

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Harvest For June 2013

OMG! I had totally forgotten to write about the harvest for June, which was 3 months ago!
I had Taiwan goji leaves, Gynura bicolor leaves & ginger. Both Taiwan goji leaves & Gynura bicolor leaves are very easy to take care with. Just harvest them by cutting the leaves/stems, and they will grow back.
Okay, chilies again! haha. They are so so productive. Mulberries was doing well too.  

Here, i had kacang sepat, petola bantal and brinjals. i am so glad that my 5 months old brinjal plants never fail to bear me brinjals although the size of brinjals were small.