Thursday, August 2, 2012

When the Italian food meet Budu sauce

We ate Spaghetti with Basil Pistachio Pesto for today’s lunch. It was served without the cheese. U can easily look for the pesto recipe in the internet. I made the sauce last week and store in chiller. So it was a speedy lunch. 

However, I felt that the taste wasn't intense enough. So what do I do? I end up eating spaghetti pesto with budu sauce. Budu sauce??? Ya, u hear me right! What a weird combination right? 

U just needs to add a few drop of budu. Voila! It tastes so much better! The budu sauce really enriched the taste of the spaghetti.

My professor told me that budu is good for us, and tat’s y I bought a small bottle to try it. I found myself quite like the taste of budu. Maybe because my favorite food is asam laksa with strong fish taste. 


  1. Moiii..what? don't tell me that u know how to eat budu..i can't believe u..never heard chinese eat budu..and with pesto???

  2. OMG..this is one of a kind! i'm speechless X___X"

  3. hehe...Ummuaidan sis, u hear me right! i like to cicah vege+ fish with budu+onion+lime+cili padi sos. Actually i just learn how to eat budu few months ago. i memang like anything cum with sweet+sour+pedas...& fish as well. so i am fine with the budu taste. Actually i will do research on budu for my postgrade study. It is really good as it have a lot of peptide tat good for us. So eat more....

    Wani sis, haha...ya. Weird kind right?? I actually steam some bayam, then i put some kicap masin+budu sos, stir well & just eat like tat. taste good.