Monday, August 6, 2012


Harvested Kailan yesterday afternoon. Not much. But at least enough for me & Mr. Muscleman. i put it into noodles. i afraid the kailan will be too fibrous, luckily it was not. Still tender & tasty! I love kailan. The price of kailan is usually higher than other green veges in the market. But i hate the leaf miner.
Can u see the white tunnels made by leaf miners?


  1. ya lor..spoiled the look..btw u u planted kailan with using seeds? how i wish can plant too..can eat this salty fish..kailan ikan masin..

  2. still leave you 95% to savour..ok what!!!..sedekah sikit to the miners...

  3. Ummuaidan sis, kailan tu planted using seeds.Kenapa? sana tak jual lagi kah? I can post to u if u don mind. i am okay with that. just let me know k.

    Suka-suka, ya, at least now is ok. Semasa kailan tu masih kecil, sgt kasihan. each leaves aso kena. tak suka. Actually i myself don understand recently baru kailan tu grow better..haha

    Hi idaShazana, nice to meet u here. Yes. It is kailan tanam sendiri. U try too. A lot of fun

  4. there's no kailan here olive.. actually not easy to send things to overseas since the custom might not allowed for certain things unless like packed and labeled seeds like from supermarket they would allow..or else difficult..unless curi2 hide somewhere and send with other legal things.