Thursday, August 16, 2012

From pumpkin seeds to pumpkin shoots

i bought a pumpkin from supermarket. As usual, i will compost the skin and throw away the pumpkin seeds into dustbin. Because i have no place to plant it. Pumpkin need quite a lot of space & time to grow.

But today, i kept the seeds. Of course, u can use this seeds to grow pumpkin. The seeds itself can be eaten as kuaci. U can fry them or roasted them in the oven.

i read from the internet that pumpkin shoots can be eaten. i myself had never try it. So, i purposely keep the seeds this time for pumpkin shoots producing.

i sowed the seeds in a polystyrene box. The seeds germinated within two days. Quite fast!

See....The shoots are ready for harvest! U can wait until the 1st tendril have turn out or U can harvest it as earlier as u want...

The harvest...Peoples usually cook pumpkin shoots with coconut milk. But i do not like my vege in coconut milk. So i just simply stir fried the shoots with oyster sauce & garlic. It taste good. Please take the young shoots only. As peoples on the net said matured leaves taste like sand paper.

Pumpkin shoots are hairy, u can removed the hairy layer if u want. i just simply peel off the hairy layer using my hand, by taking a little piece and peeling down toward the other end. A long piece of hairy layer should come off.  Go all around until all the hairy layer is removed.

It was worth a the shoots were tasty, pesticide free and easy to grow.After shoots harvesting, u can keep the plant for shoots producing again or u can remove the whole plant & re-sow the pumpkin seeds...since we have a lot of pumpkin seeds...

Please do keep the seeds next time if u ever buy pumpkin from the market...u can easily transform them into tasty + healthy green!


  1. Really eh? afraid to try cause of the hairy2 plants..i think with coconut taste better...

  2. afraid to try (✿◠‿◠)? i thought tis is a very popular pucuk for malay peoples right? i saw En. Iskandar post that he masak air using tis pucuk. that's y i come out with this idea. haha...Ya, people usually cook tis pucuk with coconut milk...but i just not so like it ....for me, coconut milk is used to made kuih muih or dessert + curry.

  3. olive..i agreed with ummuaidan..even amaranth cooked with coconut gravy + anchovies + onion..very tasty...

  4. this is nice! memang ada sebiji labu di dapur. nak semai untuk buah memang space terhad jadi masalah. definately akan try resipi pucuk labu - with or without coconut milk. semua telan. hehe