Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bayam Hijau (Green Amaranthus)

This was my very 1st experiance on growing my own green amaranthus (bayam hijau). I got the free seeds from En. Iskandar. Thanks a lot! That was my 1st time reading his blog too. From that day onward, i keep track on his blog. Bacause i am very keen to grow my own food in my backyard or even in the container. 

My green amaranthus grow up very fast. Maybe it was the raining season that help a lot beside the chicken manure pellets that i put in.
The green color was look so lovely right? Do u notice that there was a red bayam among the green...

The harvesting time.......The green amaranthus look so beautiful. i harvested the bayam 3 times. For the 1st harvest, i only picked those that already grew up and let the smaller one continue to grow.....

Now, let's see what happen after the bayam was left abandoned for one or two week as i balik kampung.......My bayam had been attacked by small green worm....yiyer...a lot of them! argh! BTW, i purposely kept the red bayam to produce me seeds later on....Ya, i do have the seeds now =)


  1. wah very nice bayam..look so fresh..long time also i didn't eat somehow nvm since not my favourite ..hehehe

  2. wow..a lot of bayam....dah lama tak tanam ni...those yang ada bp jgn makan banyak sebab I dah kena...

  3. yup. my bayam also dah tua lepas kena tinggal 1 minggu. nak tunggu dia produce benih. bayam memang sejuk sikit, tak sesuai untuk yang ada sakit sendi macam my husband. but i love them so much. will grow some more after this.