Monday, September 3, 2012

Kacang Parang/Sword Bean

My long awaited sword bean seed had germinated!! It took approximately 3 weeks of time to germinate. 

i only have 2 sword bean seeds & this time i only planted one seed.

That red color of sword bean look so mysterious right?

Sword bean plant is growing taller & taller. It is ready for transplant. It needs a trellis support now. Hopefully it will successfully produce sword bean later on ^_^


  1. can't wait to see yr broad bean...

  2. Hi Olive, that is a broad bean/kacang parang? Did the seed have a white stripe at one edge? If it does, I also have this bean, but the people I got the seed from called it kacang sepat. Mine is still small though.

  3. Olive, dah dapat kacangnya? bagus tak?