Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Twin baby?

Can I call it twin baby? It blooms at the same time and came out from the same location. But I know, only I of it will grow well…… I found out that my cucumber plant does not do well if there is more than one cucumber grow on the treat the same time. Only if I harvested the big one, then the small one will start to grow well. The plant will also start to bloom more female flower when u harvested the cucumber. ya, my guess is correct. I already harvested the left cucumber but the right one still remain in small size.


  1. it's like that meh? i realised when in the first week the the flower detached from fruit the fruit will stop growing..right eh?

    somehow i never bother to remove any flower ..heheh

  2. Hmmmm, I am not sure Ummuaidan. But i didn remove the flower too. Maksud i if there are 2 cucumbers grow on the same time, only one will grow well, while the other one macam terbantut tumbesarannya.