Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5 baby cucumbers

Wao!  I found something amusing. This is a cucumber young shoot with 5 baby cucumbers on it! Amazing right? But I cut it off. I admitted that I am a little regretted. The reason I did that because there is already a cucumber growing on the plant at the same time. If I keep all this baby cucumbers, it will not grow well.  I prefer a well grow big cucumber rather than a few cucumbers that mini size + undernourishment.


  1. Ah moii...what a regret you cut it off!!!!this must be healthy plant that's why it so many least you can keep it and send them to me if you dont want to eat...hehehe

  2. ahahaa...i really did feel regretted..yish yish yish! Ummuaidan, some of the timun are bitter but some are not. i dunno why. The bitter really taste terible, bitter than bitter gourd!