Sunday, July 29, 2012


I planted tapioca last year using cutting that I brought from my hometown. It is a yellow type tapioca variety. I had seen my mother grow them before. It is so easy to grow. U can just plant the cutting vertically and it is done. My neighbor told me that the tapioca only can be harvested in at least 6 months time. Well, I just planted the tapioca and leave it there….Actually I almost forgot about it. And now come the harvesting part…So excited. A bit like gold miner ..….hehe

Special thanks to Mr. Muscleman for helping me
Harvest of the day
I share these tapiocas with both my left & right neighbors. I used up the smaller size one for dessert and the rest I still dump in the freezer.


  1. wah...cassava meh? look good... we also planted cassava- the yellow one..good to make chips..white one also good but can't make chips...

  2. yaya cassava. so easy to plant right. thanks for the info. i though both variety can be used to make the chip pulak. right now the tapioca stil sit in my freezer. only used up a bit for cooking. lazy to make kuih n chip :p