Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unknow Pest That Like Kailan?

Who did this to my kailan?

I was so happy yesterday as my kailan did survive & doing well through this Raya break. But this morning....

What pest is that anyway? 
I am so curious.
The unknown pest simply pluck the kailan leaves & leave on the floor just like that >_<
Red arrow pointers show where the leaves belong to

So, what i do? I pluck down another kailan leaf & store in fridge. What if tonight the unknow pest come again?


  1. Leng lui..ah..very pity ..there must be someone jealous with you cause yr garden sangat2 subur..that's why mrk2 ini cuma potong daun jer..hihihi..mungkin rat kot?

  2. At my apartment here the squirel like to kacau ..balik cuti .. my sunflower also like yr kailan... the top part gone... in Seremban my kailan also the same ..maybe rats...

  3. mungkin siput atau arnab, tapi kalau arnab dia makan daun muda.Sabarlah olive.