Friday, August 2, 2013

The unexpected + sprouted roselle seeds

My roselle seeds cannot wait to sprout. By the way, the seeds look so ugly or alien to me! Do you think so too? Alright, you may called it unique..haha...

Really have to blame the owner...she is too busy recently...No time to entertain me & let me sit on the plant till old..omg! 

The 1st day when i saw it...
The next day
i usually keep the harvested roselle in freezer untill certain amount then only i will cooked them with aloe vera & sweeten it with sugar. It taste so good especially when serve chilled.

Roselle can be turned into sorbet ais-cream, fruit jam etc...One of my friend who love sour foods just eat them raw!!

Anyway, i still prefer to turn roselle into 'Ribena' taste juice compare jam, sorbet or RAW! Really irresistible!!
Roselle's Life cycle

If you wish to get fresh roselle seeds, u can email me at

  • 20 seeds per pack (RM2) 

Thanks for dropping by! Selamat Hari Raya & Happy Holiday in advance!


  1. wah leng lui..senang lar like that tak payah tanam blh hidup sendiri maa...
    yr pokok2 roselle tuh nampak subur semua..wish i punya pun like that

  2. Sis, i believe u can grow roselle much more subur than mine..buktinya..all ur green vege so so cantik!maybe your weather there not so ngan with roselle kan

  3. Hi Olive,

    Benih tu memang macam alien, menakutkan! Mak Aji pun dah cuba buat sirap roselle, memang sedap, apa lagi yang dituai dari pokok sendiri!

    1. YeaH! Ummu Madihah, Hi5!! Memang muka alien kan! kan. I keberatan mao finish all my roselle. so most of the time i store them in freezer for special time tak cukup! hehe

  4. wa..gemuk2nya rosel tuh !!! geram saya tengok, saya punya di rumah berbelang hijau dan merah- amik daropada ujikaji adik di ukm- terlalu banyak pokok, dia sedekahkan saya 10 batang.. tapi tak sesihat rosel merah ni..! nak tanya la.. kita tuai buah rosel lepas dia blooming o sebelum ya?

    1. Haha sis. That is another type of Roselle with the hijau strips along right, pun cantik juga. Roselle need lots of sunlight & baja. We harvest the roselle after blooming for abt 2-4 weeks if not mistaken..pun longer time if u wish to keep seeds