Thursday, August 15, 2013

Good & Bad

Today, I have one good news & one bad news to share with you all....

The good news is....

My very first ulam raja starts to bloom dah.....

Here is the beautiful & sweet sweet pink flower of ulam raja from my garden.

The bad news is...

What??? Again???!!!! Oh no!  The plant BULLY comes back again! Today it attacks my cherry radish plant (i planted inside the gate). 

Again, it plucks off most of the leave & just leaves there. 

Almost bald
Poor Radish leaves
I suspect this damage was done by either rat, cat or squirrel. These creatures are every where at the backyard. I can see squirrels & cats running & chasing each others almost everyday. As for rats, i am not sure. They come out at night but i think i heard their running sound too.. 


  1. Mongkey tak de? Sebab macam kesan petikkan. I see monkey at my neighbour hope tak come to our place.

    1. Sis, monkey tak ada. Tapi i memang curious abt the kesan petikkan. Pest pun expert in petik sayur ya??? i plant inside the gate. tu yg hairan